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Asparagus - Fresh - Bunch, 465 Gram, $7.17 avg/ea

Per Bunch

Asparagus - Fresh - Bunch, 465 Gram
Asparagus - Fresh - Bunch, 465 GramOpen product description
Final cost based on weight
$7.17 avg/ea$1.54/100g

Fresh - Long Eggplant, 250 Gram, $0.99 avg/ea

Also Known as the Chinese Eggplant. Thinner Skin, Less Seeds, Less Bitterness. Has an Overall More Delicate Flavor. Well Suited for Braising, Stir Frying, Grilling and Frying.

Fresh - Long Eggplant, 250 Gram
Fresh - Long Eggplant, 250 GramOpen product description
Final cost based on weight
$0.99 avg/ea was $1.92 avg/ea$0.39/100g

Eggplant - Purple, Fresh, 1 Each, $2.99

Purple eggplants have glossy, deep purple skin and a meaty texture.

Eggplant - Purple, Fresh, 1 Each
Eggplant - Purple, Fresh, 1 EachOpen product description

Artichokes - Large, 1 Each, $3.99

When cooked similar taste of asparagus. Good source of foliate, dietary fiber, vitamins C and K also packed with antioxidants.

Artichokes - Large, 1 Each
Artichokes - Large, 1 EachOpen product description

Eggplant - Fresh, Baby, 1 Kilogram, $11.00 avg/ea

These have somewhat more intense flavor then the larger purple skinned eggplants and the flesh is much more tender.

Eggplant - Fresh, Baby, 1 Kilogram
Eggplant - Fresh, Baby, 1 KilogramOpen product description
Final cost based on weight
$11.00 avg/ea$1.10/100g

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