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Nanak - Paneer, 341 Gram, $6.79

Fresh cheese malai paneer.

Nanak - Paneer, 341 Gram
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Nanak - Paneer, 341 GramOpen product description

Nanak - Punjab Paneer, 341 Gram, $6.79

Nanak Paneer has an ideal moisture content, smooth texture and an excellent sliceability.

Nanak - Punjab Paneer, 341 Gram
Nanak - Punjab Paneer, 341 GramOpen product description

Tre Stelle - Paneer, 350 Gram, $5.99

Tre Stelle Paneer is an authentic, non-melting cheese used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Paneer is crafted for cooking as it absorbs the flavours of the sauce and spices as it cooks. High in protein, it is the perfect substitute for meat, poultry and fish in Flexitarian and Vegetarian diets. Its versatility makes it ideal for both traditional Paneer dishes and in some of your favourite Western dishes like burgers, pasta and pizza.

Tre Stelle - Paneer, 350 Gram
Tre Stelle - Paneer, 350 GramOpen product description