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Saputo - Cheese - Swiss Slices, 160 Gram, $7.99

It melts wonderfully, making it perfect for baked dishes & fondues, but its refined & rich taste is also perfect for snacking or as part of a cheese board. 27% M.F. 40% Moisture.

Saputo - Cheese - Swiss Slices, 160 Gram
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Saputo - Cheese - Swiss Slices, 160 GramOpen product description

President - Comte Portions, 220 Gram, $13.49

Imported from France, President Comte is a hard ripened cheese is matured in cellars for 6 months and has a distinct nutty flavour with a hint of hazelnut.

President - Comte Portions, 220 Gram
President - Comte Portions, 220 GramOpen product description