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Zevia - Cream Soda, 6 Each, $6.99

You'll love that this is naturally sweetened, and has zero sugar and zero calories. But what you'll really love is the way it makes the line between soda and dessert very, very blurry - thanks to it's deep aroma and luscious, creamy, buttery, vanilla taste. So, is it a cream soda? Or is it a dessert? We suspect sweet tooth's won't get too hung up on this sweet conundrum.

Zevia - Cream Soda, 6 Each
Gluten Free
Zevia - Cream Soda, 6 EachOpen product description
$6.99 was $8.29$1.17 each

Crush - Cream Soda, 2 Litre, $3.69

170 Calories per Bottle.

Crush - Cream Soda, 2 Litre
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Crush - Cream Soda, 2 LitreOpen product description

Crush - Cream Soda, 12 Each, $7.49

12x355ml Cans. 170 Calories per Can.

Crush - Cream Soda, 12 Each
Crush - Cream Soda, 12 EachOpen product description
$7.49 was $8.99$0.62 each