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Nanak - Rasmalai, 850 Gram, $12.29

Nanak Rasmalai will tickle your taste buds. Excellent freeze-thaw stability to be served chilled.

Nanak - Rasmalai, 850 Gram
Nanak - Rasmalai, 850 GramOpen product description

Nanak - Punjab Paneer, 341 Gram, $6.39

Nanak Paneer has an ideal moisture content, smooth texture and an excellent sliceability.

Nanak - Punjab Paneer, 341 Gram
Nanak - Punjab Paneer, 341 GramOpen product description

Nanak - Paneer, 341 Gram, $6.39

Fresh cheese malai paneer.

Nanak - Paneer, 341 Gram
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Nanak - Paneer, 341 GramOpen product description

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